Screenplay by TASOS PSARAS

Directed by TASOS PSARAS

TV and Radio Programs



TA TRAGOYDIA STO SYRTARI (The songs in the drawer)


This was a musical program which gave first presentations of works of Greek composers covering as much as possible the wide variants between them. Through this series for which Vassilis Dimitriou feels very proud to have been it’s creator and presenter and which was to last for about two years. Gave the opportunity to a number of composers (in the main) but also to lyrisists of presenting the best of what they themselves chose from the material they had in their ‘drawers’. This sometimes caused record producers to alter their opinions into becoming interested in materials which they had previously considered indifferent .

Through this musical programme was first heard O STAVROS TOY NOTOY of Thanos Mikroutsikos, TO FRAGMA of Dimos Moutsis, unpuplished music of Theodoros Antoniou, Michalis Grigoriou, Yiorgos Kouroupos as well as unreleased, untill then, material of Yiorgos Mitsakis, Kostas Kaplanis, Yiorgos Chatzinassios, Mimis Plessas, Notis Mavroudis, Marisa Koch, Yiannis Glesos, Linos Kokotos, Yiannis Argyris…and others .
This program was a step for many composers to present publically and to such a great extent their own works and yet to others to make their debut. Taking advantage of the programme many new singers and musicians made their first substantial presentations.

Also were to be reproduced forgoten works of other eras and areas such as Asia Minor, as was also a dedication to the ancient music of Greece.


TA TRAGOUDIA TOU AVRIO ( Songs of Tomorrow)

ERT 2nd program (Radio)

A selection of the editions of the Greek Discography presented for the first time long before their release.

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